Body Ice Sculpting is a new way of sculpting, toning and slimming the body naturally by activating the body’s natural process of fat elimination - Thermogenesis.



This therapy is a revolutionary treatment that helps shape and energize the body. The unique combination of organic herbs, clays and essential oils formulated to rejuvenate the body. 

This therapy works on areas of the body that are flabby to make them thin and firm.

Ice therapy lifts sagging skin, tightens tissues, detoxifies the body, improves cellulite, and most importantly, helps you lose weight in just a few sessions.


First, a special massage is done to purify and exfoliate the skin, activating blood flow and preparing the area for the next step. Finally, an ice massage completes the session and is placed on different parts of the body.

No known side effects have been reported.


It seems impossible that ice can reduce size, reduce cellulite, tone and nourish the skin. We always associate heat with burning calories eg slimming wraps, infrared saunas, excercise, ozone steam etc 


However, ice therapy in specific areas can be very effective in reducing size, firming the skin, and improving skin tissue. 

No chemicals are used, only natural herbs, clays and essential oils. 


  • Lose weight

  • Detoxify your body

  • Firming the skin

  • Invigorate good circulation

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Reduce discoloration and stretch marks

  • Increase energy and activate your metabolism


When combined with proper diet and exercise, ice therapy can work wonders to help you shed unwanted weight

Who is it suitable for?

Ice therapy is recommended for anyone who wants to tighten their skin and lose weight. 

You can't be sensitive to cold.

No serious skin conditions.

Not somebody that is too nervous around new treatments, especially cold.

If you use this treatment you must understand that it works with a healthy lifestyle and excercise to maintain results.


In addition, ice therapy can be used by women over 40 who begin to notice a loss of firmness in their buttocks, abdomen, etc. The ice will firm and tone the skin in each of these cases.


Wood therapy
Is a special massage protocol with wooden tools. Wood therapy has a firming effect on the skin, it helps activate the production of elastin/collagen, toning, sculpting, and improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Wood therapy instruments intensify the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite, so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins through the lymphatic system.

Changes can be seen from the third session but you may need to do up to 15 sessions depending on the results you want.


No asking me if this works.  You can research this treatment.  Nothng works without you eating correctly, excercising and 


  • Not suitable for any lady who does not like anything cold on her skin or is very sensitve to cold.
  • You could experience redness, tenderness or slight bruising in the treatment area which is generally minimal.
  • Do NOT EAT 2 hours before your treatment
  • If you have any medcal conditons, please confirm with your doctor that you can do this treatment as I assume you have confirmed once you book it.
  • Drink lots of water after the treatment to flush out toxins.
  • Have a cool shower.
  • Eat light meals to help the treatment reduce inflammation and remove fat and toxins from your system.
  • Do a number of treatments on a regular basis for faster results and it must be combined with an improved, healthier lifestyle.
  • You may feel basic symptoms of a detox eg headache, nausea, fatigue.
  • The area may feel numb or tingly.
  • DO NOT DO THIS TREATMENT if you are using diuretics, have cancer, have a hernia or are allergic to cold.
  • WOOD THERAPY can cause slight bruising on the sides of the leg so won't be suitable for anyone who is worried about bruises or has very sensitive skin. 
  • I recommend this for ladies who are adventurous, love trying new things and want to improve their health.



You can wear any two piece swimming costume, gym wear or underwear that you don't mind getting wet.  

Bring with a change of underwear to get dressed in afterwards.

Bring water with especially if you are doing the infrared sauna blanket with this.

Preferably book your session when you don't have to go back to work or somewhere afterwards, but where you can go home to help the detoxification and shower if you need to.