What is Mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat.


What is Injection Lipolysis?


Injection lipolysis is another noninvasive treatment that’s similar to mesotherapy. The terms “mesotherapy” and “injection lipolysis” are often used synonymously, though they’re slightly different.

During injection lipolysis, small amounts of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate are placed with an insulin needle into the fat layer under the skin to break up fat. 



All Mesotherapy can be done together with any machine treatments.  The two work together to boost each other, or you can do the mesotherapy on its own together with home treatments.  

When using these treatments you need to understand they need you to be able to control your intake or avoid  the intake of alcohol and sugar for best results.  Unfortunately all mesotherapy products can't work in the environment that contains toxins.  I have found that ladies want results without making changes to their diet but unfortunately cellulite is impacted by diet and that includes alcohol.  Over time the cellulite will come back.  Aesthetic doctors can perform operations under the skin but it also only lasts a certain time. 

It is the same a botox and fillers etc (except they are not influenced by diet)  All these things need to be maintained.  


Mesoslim Lipolysis for cellulite reduction:



  • Affordability.  1 x 1ml insulin needle can be added to any cellulite reduction treatment at a cost of R100 or if you have a lot more cellulite you can buy 1 x 10ml bottle for use at home or added to a treatment.

  • Fast Acting:  You normally see results within a week depending on how well you avoided alcohol & sugar.

  • Fat reduction:  Besides collapsing cellulite pockets it can also be used while reducing fat in specific areas.

  • Plant-based: Contains no hormones or chemicals.


  • Only works on a spot:  Mesoslim does not cover a big area but works only on the spot where it is injected.  You, therefore, have to do a lot more injections depending on how bad your cellulite is.  
  • Bruising:  It can cause bruising in sensitive skin but the bruise usually goes after about a week.
  • Very affected by diet:  This plant-based product does not work well near toxins eg sugar and alcohol so if you are addicted to these then Mesoslim will not work.
  • You have to repeat it often:  It only lasts about a week on a spot and works best if combined with a treatment.  So you need to repeat it often.  If you use 1 x 1ml Mesoslim then that will give you 10 injections which you can inject into the worse pieces of cellulite.  
  • It is suitable for milder pockets of cellulite where there are just a few pieces of cellulite.


Patented active ingredients in Lipogon CryoCurve causes a rapid change in temperature. During traditional Cryolipolysis, the Adipocytes are cooled down to the point of “freezing”. This results in an apoptotic chain reaction and cellular death. THE CRYOLIPOLYTIC ACTION OF LIPOGON CRYOCURVE The Snow Algae in Lipogon CryoCurve restricts energy (heat) to the area of application. This results in the crystallization of the dissolved fat. These fat crystals are broken down by the immune system and drained away by the lymphatic system. The Adipocyte membranes are left permeable and incapable of fat storage










If you are allergic to iodine, caffeine, heart disease, cancer, stroke, pregnant, breastfeeding or any other condition that needs your doctor's consent.


Please note:  You need to eat healthy, drink 2-3 litres of water, do no strenous excercise for 24 hours, no hot steam baths, sunbeds for 72 hours and avoid alcohol.

This product shows a result within 10 days and can be repeated within 2 weeks.

Cost per 1ml insulin needle, which covers 10cm2, is R320.  (subject to change depending on the manufacturer)