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If I have no appointments I close for the day




Mon-Thurs 7.30am - 5pm


Sat 7:00am-1pm


Closed Fridays, Public Holidays & Sundays.


Can you whatsapp me on closed days?

I have a business whatsapp and a personal whatsapp.  The business whatsapp is switched on during my operating hours.  You are welcome to whatsapp me but all enquiries on closed days will be answered during my operating hours above.  The same way other salons operate with answering phones or messages.


NB:  No collection of products or injections on my closed days and only by appointment due to covid restrictions.


Times and prices may change without notice.


Cell 0619985817 only via SMS OR WHATSAPP for appointments or enquiries


Please only whatsapps or sms

I  ask all over my website/instagram/facebook for whatsapps only as I cannot answer your call. In order to keep my prices low and not have to employ someone to answer my phone, I have to do my own treatments.  If I answer a call - I interrupt the client who is paying for my time.  This means I run late and then the next appointment is affected and I have to clean and sanatise the room in between sessions as well.  If you prefer speaking to someone then unfortunately you may have to try one of the bigger salons. I do have an online booking system if you want to book a consultation.


No telephonic consultations where you send me pictures and ask me to diagnose you.  You may have to send your pics to one of the bigger salons that have more staff.


No calls from sales people.

Right of entry to my premises is reserved for genuine clients only. 


No fake bookings to view my machines, treatments or my room etc.  So don't book a treatment for yourself pretending it's for you but you want to see my treatments and room.  This has become a huge problem as we came out of lockdown and everyone is trying to start a salon or add onto their business.


No messages from any start-up salon who is using my website for ideas and wants advice or information. You can watch my VIDEO page for tips for start-ups in an econonomic depression and after you watch it you will be depressed if you have an understanding of how an economy works.


IKHOKHA card facilities available.   No cash is kept on the premises.



I have alternate power in case of loadshedding



All services are for ladies only except Mesoslim which men can purchase for home use only.


Since lockdown and covid I have had a huge increase in problems related to all the above issues.  .





This is a home therapy studio in Monte Vista


42 Plettenberg Street Monte Vista Cape Town Western Cape 7460

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Web Enquiry & email is for client use only