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I work with appointments only.  If I have no scheduled appointments I may close earlier or open later.



I am currently trying to cater for a range of times as many ladies are working different schedules so my hours may change without notice.  

From June 2022

Due to winter weather, loadshedding I have decided to work around my bookings and close when I have no appointments

Mon-Fri  8am-5pm

Sat 7.15am-1pm

Sunday and Public Holidays closed

If a Public Holiday falls close to a Saturday then I will generally close the Saturday as I have a high amount of last minute cancellations.

NB:  If you want to see me after 5pm contact me on whatsapp and I will see what I do to help you.



NEW CLIENTS if you can please attempt to book ONLINE so that you can confirm having read my T & C & my disclaimer.

It is faster to book online and I only use this system.  It gives you a booking email.  you can shift your own appointment on the blue link on the email up to 24 hrs before and you get a reminder email the day before.  If you have any problems you can contact me to help book, when I am open.  I will assist you during the day.   The online booking helps me run my salon as it allows 24/7 live confirmation and I don't have a receptionist.


Times are subject to change depending on what is happening in the country, the economy, seasons etc


Can I ask you to check my opening hours before contacting me as I switch off my whatsapp after-hours and on my closed days.  I find that when you have a cell phone number and you work from home then there is the assumption you are available 24/7.  If you send me a one-word sentence then I will not respond.  Nearly everyone who does this has not researched my website.


Can you whatsapp me on closed days?

Yes, in an emergency e.g. you are ill and can't make an appointment.

Please respect that my closed hours are for me to attend to my family or do my personal health or personal business.  My whatsapp sends the person a reply to say I am closed.

I get asked lots of questions about things that can found on my website. The website has videos and lots of information to help you.  If you don't know what to pick please book a consultation and come chat to me.


Can you ask to collect products on closed days or when I am closed?

No, collections are by appointment only during operating hours otherwise please arrange for me to courier to you.


Courier: I re-opened my online shop for ladies who can't get to me to collect



Cell 0619985817 only via WHATSAPP for appointments or enquiries. 

  • No phone calls as I can't answer the call when working on clients. I work alone and I will reply to you asap only via whatsapp and in-between clients that have appointments. 
  • No messages on social media or via email as I may miss them as I only get to these platforms when I am finished with work.  I have also heard of cases where people are approached by scammers on social media as their details are available for all to see.
  • No sales people selling machines or products using this whatsapp to message me as this is reserved for customers only.
  • I do not use any of my EMAILS.  Please don't send me emails.  



Right of entry to my premises is reserved for genuine clients only. as I have had ladies arrive and try to gate crash another clients appointment.  This says something about you and what you think of others.  Also sales reps arriving unannounced.


IKHOKHA card facilities available.   No cash is kept on the premises.



I have alternate power in case of loadshedding BUT it can give problems when the loadshedding stage is too high and the batteries of the inverter cannot charge.  Please be aware that I may still need to call you to move out your appointment.  The inverter batteries are huge so they need 8 to 12 hours to charge fully.  My SAUNA BLANKET can't operate during loadshedding.



All services are for ladies only

Men can purchase Mesoslim for home use or Lipogon Mesotherapy injections or Gfrag Injections or products BUT only if they understand the impact of food and alcohol and are not dependant on these things.  In my experience, men don't do well  on injections and products.


SALON ETTIQUETTE, BAD BEHAVIOUR, VERBAL ABUSE:  No lady is permitted to book with me if you harbour any prejudices or have racialistic views towards any other race group, culture or religion or minority group. You know what is in your heart and thoughts.  Being abusive, screaming, disrespectful or throwing racial slurs is forbidden and I won't allow this type of behaviour. This is in my T & C and you agree to this when you book online. 

I help a selected limited number of ladies who want individual and personal attention.  Don't become forceful and try to bully or intimidate me. No matter what the reason -  this behaviour is unacceptable.


This is a home therapy studio in Monte Vista


42 Plettenberg Street Monte Vista Cape Town Western Cape 7460

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