Fat Freezing is calculated per spot or per head on the machine.

Ultrasonic Cavitation or commonly called Cavitation for short, consist of low-level frequenciesthat transmit into the skin and cause a biological phenomenon that consist of the formation of bubbles in between the fat cells. This creates a shock wave that selectively damage the membranes of the adipocytes (fat cells). This treatment is painless. In fact, it is very relaxing!

Gfrag Weight Loss Shot

Converts Fat to Energy

Minimizes Visceral Fat

Lowers Cholesterol

Metabolism Booster

Metabolizes Fat

Mesoslim Lipolytic Injection

It is a non-surgical, no downtime injectable procedure for body sculpting.

It is freedom from any unwanted localised fat. Cm loss is experienced as well as kg loss per session.

Destroys entire fat cell with its contents.






Cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing, is a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body. The procedure is designed to reduce localized fat deposits or bulges that do not respond to diet and exercise.

It is not intended for people who are obese or significantly overweight. The technique has been patented under the name CoolSculpting™.

What areas of the body are best suited for cryolipolysis?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved cryolipolysis to treat fat deposits on the upper arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, hip/flank (“love handles”), upper back (“brassiere rolls”), lower back, and underneath the buttocks.

How is cryolipolysis performed?

A handheld device called an applicator is used to freeze the layer of fat cells (adipocytes) underneath the skin. First, a gel membrane is applied to the area to protect the skin. Next, the fatty bulge is suctioned or vacuumed into the applicator’s hallow opening. You will feel a tugging or pulling sensation as suction is applied. These sensations, intense cold plus other possible sensations – tingling, stinging, aching, cramping – lessen after 5 to 10 minutes as the area becomes numb during the cooling down process. There are various machines on the market which use different temperatures & different times.  The machine used at Beauty Zone is for 30 - 35 minutes at -4 degrees.

How are fat cells destroyed?

The technique is based on the finding that fat cells are more susceptible to damage from cold temperatures than other cells, such as skin cells. The cold temperature injures the fat cells. The injury triggers an inflammatory response by the body, which results in the death of the fat cells. 

How much localized fat can one expect to lose from cryolipolysis and when will I start to notice results?

Studies have shown an average fat reduction up to 20% percent at around 8 weeks & up to 4 months after initial treatment. However, you may begin to notice changes as early as 3 weeks after treatment especially when combined with Cavitation & other treatments.

Are there any people for whom cryolipolysis is not recommended?

Pregnancy or breast-feeding, Nerve disorders, such as diabetic neuropathy,

Inflammatory skin disorders and Skin conditions caused by immune system disorders, such as eczema or psoriasis

Cryolipolysis should not be performed on patients who are obese or significantly overweight.

Also, it should not be performed on areas of skin that are cut or injured, contain severe varicose veins, dermatitis, or other skin lesions.

People who have abnormal cold sensitivity or cold intolerance are not suitable candidates.

The procedure is not recommended for people who have the following conditions:


Raynaud’s phenomenon. A rare condition in which cold temperatures can impede blood flow to the fingers and toes.

Cryoglobulinemia. A type of vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) caused by abnormal proteins that become solid or gel-like in the presence of cold temperatures. It is associated with blocked blood vessels and other problems.

Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. A very rare autoimmune disease in which red blood cells are damaged during exposure to cold.

Cold urticaria. A rare condition in which the skin develops red, itchy spots (hives) after exposure to cold temperatures.

Cold agglutinin disease. A rare type of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys its own red blood cells. The condition is often triggered or made worse by cold temperatures.


What side effects are to be expected immediately after cryolipolysis?
Temporary side effects for the areas that are treated may include:

Pain or aches
Stinging or tingling of the skin
Skin discoloration or bruising
Skin sensitivity or numbness

If you have sensitive skin you may be more perceptible to a skin burn, which can lead to blistering.  This is generally in cases with people whose skin easily gets sunburnt & if you are very fair or light skinned, however any skin can be affected by a skin burn. 
Side effects may persist for a few days to a few weeks after treatment. Your doctor may recommend that you take an analgesic medication to relieve pain or other discomfort.

How many cryolipolysis treatment sessions are typically needed?
You may have only one problematic area that may require only one treatment session. You may have more than one problem area that may require treatment or may need more than one treatment in a specific area to achieve your desired goal.

Medical disclaimer:

* The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website are applicable to the individuals depicted.

Results will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others.

We are not medical practitioners and therefore are not able to diagnose conditions or the effect of fat freezing on anyone with chronic illnesses.  Please consult your doctor before embarking on any treatments.

Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person.

The body is composed of many different types of fat and the percentage of these fats in the body will vary from person to person. This means fat loss results will also vary from person to person.  No individual result should be seen as typical.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent weight gain. 

The client understands that a healthy lifestyle, diet & excercise together with water intake improve the results of fat freezing. 

The information on this site is for educational purposes and is not guaranteed as correct. 

The  client understands that some skin types are more sensitive and susceptable to skin burn from the fat freezing.  This can result in blistering & sensitivity.  It is advised the client uses a good skin oil to assist recovery.

Arnica Oil for preventative bruising and for massaging the area, which is known to improve fat freezing results

Bio Oil is particularly famed for its ability to tackle scars, stretch marks, dry skin, uneven skin tone and other skin imperfections. ... You can also use it as an intensive body moisturiser, as the product is easily absorbed by the skin.

By embarking on this procedure you understand the risks involved and do not hold Beauty Zone or its owner responsible for any issues arising out of the treatment.

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