The Lipo2 plus Booster injection will be available from next week 25 April 2022
The booster injection is designed for hard, localized lipomas fat and severe cellulite (you know those stubborn buggers, those ones!!!)

To be use on thighs and the buttocks only and in extreme cases on the tummy area (see pictures)
We recommend treatment as follow for optimum results if you suffer from above :
2 treatments of lipo2,

3rd treatment the booster injections which will require 2 per area,

continue with 2 treatments of lipo2 and then

booster injection on the 6th treatment @ R250 a shot

We know our injections are super,but we need a little bit home care in between treatments, for the results to last, now that doesnt include only drinking your 1.5-2L of water.  

1.  Management of your diet is the main thing as there is a link between bad eating aggravating cellulite.

2.  You can add any of my slimming/detox drops from any brand that you wish - this is optional if you feel you need a lymphatic cleanse.

3.  Gfrag also has a cellulite release capsule that you can purchase.

4.  I also stock a cellulite gel and an oil otherwise you can first finish any other stock of firming cream/oil that you have at home.

5.  If you need to drink alcohol every day or every weekend it is going to have an impact on results as the liver sees alcohol as a toxin.  No cellulite treatment works well in the environment of alcohol.  If you can also swop out refined sugar that will also make a huge impact on your body.