Gfrag has a few weight loss injections.  

These work on overall kg loss and not on targetted spots.

You can use them for as long as it takes you to get to your goal weight.  You can also use it with any of the Gfrag fat burners, products or appetite suppressants. These products, prices and information are on the weightloss and wellness page.


Please bear in mind that these injections need to work in a calorie deficit.  So when you purchase it you must understand that you are going to need to watch how you eat and what you drink. 

I will give you a lifestyle plan that Gfrag recommends with their products 


These are the source of the amino acids in these injections:

Arginine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Leucine, Lycine, Methionine, Threonine, Valine


All injections are taken daily in the tummy, except the weight loss shot, but I will give you the full usage instructions.  They normally last a month or just over a month.  None of them will work without the calorie deficit.




1.  Medical disclaimer - you cannot have any serious chronic conditions, be pregnant, breastfeeding, have cancer or any other illnesses without permission from your doctor.

2.  You understand that the product works only with a calorie deficit and new clients will get a lifestyle plan.

3.  The price excludes insulin needles.

4.  The injections come with instructions.  The potent fat burner and slimbomb and combo need to be mixed as they are in powder form.  You will get an instruction sheet on how to mix them.

5.  No product can be returned 

6.  Payment is upfront for NEW clients of Beauty Zone

7.  It takes about a week to arrive after ordered from Gfrag