Gfrag is a product range that I stocked in 2018/2019 and they were very popular.  I speak about them on my About Me page.  I also won an award from them for being the best salon in South Africa during this time period.


What I like about them is they also promote a healthy lifestyle together with their products so that you understand that you need to work with the products to see results.  I do the same with all my machine and other treatments that I offer.


These products also do not work if you are alcohol dependant and only if you can control your intake of alcohol for specific occasions but in their lifestyle plans they do allow specific types of alcohol and they tell you how much you can have.


They do have eating plans you can use or you can combine it with your own eating plan to boost weight loss.   You decide to make the change to your life and add the product to boost what you do. 


Please don't buy this if you don't intend making changes to your lifestyle.  You can't carry on drinking and eating as you want and then say that the product doesn't work.  They tell you upfront it needs a calorie deficit.  


Their packaging may also differ from time to time as they update their labelling as well or the colour of injections.  


The full range is in the PDF ABOVE with descriptions.  You can CLICK ON THE LINK.


No returns on any supplements or health products.  You must make sure that before you leave my premises that your bottle is sealed and you have the correct product.

If you ask me to make the injections for you, you can't come back and say one needle broke and want a replacement with liquid. It is unlikely a needle tip wll actually break off because it takes quite a bit of force to break it. It is at your own risk.  Otherwise you must mix the combo yourself and  I will give you a product mixing guide.


Not suitable if you have any serious health conditions, are pregnant, breastfeeding, you must be over 18 and not be under treatment for cancer.


Ingredients are listed on all the product containers and if you are worried about any ingredients please check them all before you purchase them.  If you are someone who worries about any effect of anything on your body rather don't purchase the product.


If you went through the PDF and you know what you want then you can whatsapp Gillian 0619985817.  


I will send you my bank details as payment is up front before I order otherwise I order products and it doesn't get collected.


I order once a week. Orders need to be in on a Friday . Your order will then arrive by the following Thursday, depending on the courier.


If you have NO IDEA what to buy then go to my ONLINE BOOKING page and book an CONSULTATION - WEIGHTLOSS AND SLIMMING then you can come chat to me about all of the ranges I have. 


If you want to ask me something on whatsapp please contact me only during my working hours, then I will answer you in between the clients that are booked for treatments in my salon.


These products are an added on service to my salon and will boost the use of machines and other treatments.  You can take this for as long as you want.


PLEASE NOTE:  No courier facilities available. 

If you want it couriered you can contact the product owner, Gfrag, as they offer the courier service.