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MesoSlim is a finely crafted blend of the highest quality, medicinal grade plant extracts in various forms sourced locally and imported from Germany. MesoSlim is 100% natural and contains ONLY the following ingredients: Minerals, Phyto-Extracts, Enzyme Catalysts and Saline Solution as a Base. 

It DOES NOT contain: PPC (Phosphatidal Choline), DC (Sodium De-Oxycholate), Hormones, 
Chemicals, Stimulants, Surfactants, Pentoxifylline, Lidocaine, Aminophylline, Calcitonin or Isoproterenol.


MesoSlim loves the stuff that we all hate... FAT. It quickly breaks down the fatty deposits that so love the hips, tummy and thighs ...(and actually everywhere you don't want it :) It does this very, very well and very, very fast. As a bonus it also removes the entire fat cell, completely and permanently! Yes, you read correctly, this stuff makes those die-hard nasty little fat cells disappear! MesoSlim will also eliminate cellulite and firm up loose skin as the fat melts away.

You can use MesoSlim on ANY part of your body where you want to eliminate fat cells... bum, arms, legs, love-handles etc.


Is mesoslim safe?

Yes, it is a 100% safe

Does not contain any chemicals

Is a homeopathic cocktail developed to dissolve fat cells around the body

Anyone can use it – except for pregnant women, if you are being treated for cancer, breastfeeding, under 18 years of age, allergic to bees.

If you have any chronic ailments that you are concerned about then you must first see your doctor before commencing with these injections.



Are there any side effects?

No side effects

No excessive swelling

No allergies

No soya or nuts allergies

No nausea or headaches


What could I experience?

Slight bruising on injection site

Slight burning sensation for 2-5minutes

Slight tenderness for 4-6 hours on area

Sweating caused by toxins in the lymph glands


What areas can be treated?

Upper abdomen

Lower abdomen


Love handles


Inner thighs

Outer thighs



Back (upper and lower)






Who is eligible for treatment?

People who would like to get rid of small to large pockets of fat around their body

People who do not want to do surgery for the excess fat areas


Effects of Mesoslim

  • Destroys entire fat cell with its contents
  • Totally eliminates lipolytic nodules from level 1 to level 4 cellulite
  • Excretes all wastes and harmful products
  • Increases intradermal micro circulation in all layers
  • Repairs connective tissue layers preventing future development of adipocytes (fat cells)
  • Controls and eliminates pain associated with sclerotic fat deposits as
  • It contains a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Destroys 50000 fat cells every 10 injections
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Results in cm loss
  • Results in improvement of skin texture
  • Results in improvement of cellulite

During treatment:

No sugar

No alcohol

No anti-inflammatories or pain killers.
We recommend though that you start with 4ml 1-2 x per week to monitor your excretion comfort level. 
Please keep in mind that even though MesoSlim is 100% natural and not scheduled it must be administered by a Registered Health Professional.




Mesoslim Slimming Pack R880 with needles

Mesoslim vial only R730 with needles

10ml vial Mesoslim R730

4 Injection Needles

50ml Slimming & Detox DropsR120

80 g Gut Refresh R85


HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone present at high levels in early pregnancy.

In fact, this hormone is used as a marker in home pregnancy tests 
HCG has also been used to treat fertility issues in both men and women

A British doctor named Albert Simeons first proposed HCG as a weight loss tool in 1954.

His diet consisted of two main components:
An ultra-low-calorie diet of around 500 calories per day.
The HCG hormone administered via injections.

Today, HCG products are sold in various forms, including oral drops, pellets and sprays. They are also available through countless websites and some retail stores.

It is generally divided into three phases:

Loading phase: Start taking HCG and eat plenty of high-fat, high-calorie foods for two days.

Weight loss phase: Continue taking HCG and eat only 500 - 800 calories per day for 3–6 weeks.

Maintenance phase: Stop taking HCG. Gradually increase food intake but avoid sugar and starch for three weeks.

While people seeking minimal weight loss may spend three weeks on the middle phase, those seeking significant weight loss may be advised to follow the diet for six weeks — and even repeat all phases of the cycle several times.

During the weight loss phase, you're only allowed to eat two meals per day — usually lunch and dinner.

HCG meal plans generally suggest that each meal should contain one portion of lean protein, a vegetable, a piece of bread and a fruit.

You may also get a list of approved foods to select from in specific amounts.

Butter, oils and sugar should be avoided, but you're encouraged to drink a lot of water. Mineral water, coffee and tea are allowed as well.


1 x 5000 IU HCG Vial

1 x Sterile Water

1 x Diet Instructions 

1 x How to inject Instructions


Add 15 Insulin Injection Needles