Boost Juice from Mesoslim R20 per 1ml injection

Are you struggling with a constant lack of energy?
Bounce back and reboot with Boost Juice.
Mesoslim welcomes Boost Juice to their growing range of Natural Health and Slimming Range.
Boost Juice has added Gold which is a natural energy tonic that enhances cellular oxygen uptake.
This means that boost juice is able to boost and recharge your "power source" inside all your body's energy cells.
Recharged energy cells means more sustained energy throughout the day.
B12, B-Co, P.Ginseng, Minerals, Gold, Co-Enzyme blend, Ubichinon Blend ATP Catalysts, Saline Base

You are welcome to book online for the injection to be done in the salon or you can purchase a few for daily use and keep it in the fridge.
If you use it for training: Non-training days 1-2ml every morning
Training days 2ml done 30min before and directly after training.


I have found that it is helping boost my weight loss as well. So I use it with Mesoslim injections.  I also don't feel so tired in the afternoons and can go for longer during the day.  


If you look overseas you will find that many weightloss injections contain vitamin B12.

Recommendation for anyone suffering from post-covid symptoms.