Mesoslim Slimming Pack
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MesoSlim is a non-surgical, no downtime injectable procedure for body sculpting.
Mesoslim is injected into the fat layer where it is absorbed by the unwanted fat.

Fat cells that accumulate on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms (love handles), chin etc.
These fat cells become slightly inflamed and break down in a few weeks of treatment.
They are naturally removed through the body’s immune, urinary and renal system.

It is a course of micro injections done every week to two weeks for an average of 5-6 treatments to permanently dissolve excess fat.
It is freedom from any unwanted localised fat
(cm loss is experienced as well as kg loss per session)

Developed by a Natural Medicine Practitioner. Yes it is 100% safe. Does not contain any chemicals. Perfect for people who do not want to do surgery for the excess fat areas.
PRICE: R730 FOR 10 ML including 10 needles.
Will last 6-8 weeks depending how many times you use it.
10 ml / 100 unit needle done 1 x per week will last 10 weeks.
100 unit/cc needle is injected 10 times in 10 spots about 5cm apart.
You can use on your tummy, arms, chin, upper thighs, love handles, bra bulges etc. Can cause bruising, redness, inflammation, tenderness, sweating. Do not use if you have any serious illness. Avoid alcohol and sugar during your treatment. If you do consume either, it will slow down or stop the fat burning process.

10ml vial Mesoslim R730

4 Injection Needles

50ml Slimming & Detox DropsR120

80 g Gut Refresh R85

Full slimming pack R880 (R730+R120+R85)


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