Buy 3 treatments for R1050 & get the 4th free so you are paying R350 x 3 treatments of 60-75 min each 

30 min Ultrasonic Cavitation 

30 min Thalaspa Detox and Slimming Wrap from upper thighs to tummy

1 x Mesoslim Injection =

10 injections of 10cc each


This treatment is done 1 x per week.




R300 (60 min)

Buy 3 and get the 4th session Free

This package is designed for FAT LOSS/CM LOSS.  Weight Loss will eventually happen due to lifestyle changes.

You do not get any eating plan but each week you will be asked to do ONE lifestyle task to change at home.  This will differ per person depending on 

30 min Ultrasonic Cavitation on 1 area (tummy & love handles OR upper thighs & bum etc)

30 min Infrared Sauna Blanket

1 x Mesoslim Injection (10 small injections of 10 cc each in the same area as the cavitation)

This is the most popular slimming package at Beauty Zone.

The main concept of the package is designed around focussing on one area on your body that you would like to reduce cm's per session.  You can focus on that area until you are happy with the results or you can move to different areas but the motivation is seeing a result after focussing on one area for as long as possible.

The Infrared Sauna looks like a sleeping bag, except it heats up and helps to remove toxins, fat from the cavitation as well as excess water.  It works on your whole body and is great for cellulite.  It leaves you feeling like you had a gym workout. 

Finally you are given the Mesoslim Injection before you go home.

You would normally do the treatment 1 x per week.  You can continue as long as you want or we will discuss whether to move you to another program.

Results from Amanda on Slimming Buster Package after 3 weeks.

10cm below the belly button

3.5 kg weight loss 


Results from Melissa below on Slimming Buster Package after 3 weeks

3 kg weight loss


Depending on the amount of weight or cm's you need to lose you may need to repeat a package.




Are you feeling sluggish, run-down and prone to catching infections? Give your body a boost with this 1-day detox. 🍊🍊🍊 Choose a day when you know you can relax and spend time on yourself. It mustn't be a day where you are impacted with loads of work or have a birthday where you may eat bad foods. 🍋🍋🍋 You will be emailed an eating plan for the day which will be mainly clean eating so you won't be starving yourself. The detox includes relaxation and staying away from too much social media etc. You will spend 90 minutes with me and during the time you will be 20-30 minutes in an ozone steamer tent. You can then chose between a 60 min full body Lilian Terry Detoxification massage or a full body Betonite Clay Detox wrap.

This detox is great if you are starting a healthy eating plan or seasons are changing and your body feels run down and bloated.


Lose Fat & Cm

the Beauty Zone way.



  1.  You get UNLIMITED slimming treatments to use in the time allocated to you.
  3. The normal cost of 4 spots/heads of Fat Freezing = R2500 so you have a massive cost saving if you choose the package WITH Fat Freezing.
  4. We do as many treatments possible during the time you book.
  5. This is ideal for the lady who wants to tighten, tone, destroy fat cells as well as boost your health.
  6. It boosts your home slimming program but it is imperative that you are eating as healthy as possible or results will be impacted.
  7. You can buy Mesoslim Injections with this package at R100 per injection.
  8. This package is ideal for the lady who wants maximum results in the minimum time and is not obese or very overweight.  You can use this to lose fat as long as you eat correctly.
  9. So it is designed for slimming , toning, contouring, skin tightening & cm loss.
  10. DO NOT book this if you know you have to study, or write exams or have doctor's appointments, or someone depending on you to care for them and you are on stand-by.
  11. You only have 30 day in which to complete it so that the next lady can start.
  12. It is a very exhausting treatment to do so therefore I can only book ONE LADY a month.  Please do not come with loads of excuses why you can't make appointments or why we need to shift your appointments into another month or don't be someone who doesn't want to work with me by watching what you do at home.
  13. BOTTOM LINE is you must be committed and understand that if a crisis happens you have to give up the appointments so the next person can start.


R1050 for 4 sessions

BUY 3 at R350 each week & GET 1 FREE


The session consists of a treatment from the upper top of thighs, bum, tummy and front of thighs with the sub-dermal G5 Massage Machine.

This is ideal for ladies who have large pockets of stubborn tummy and thigh fat as well as cellulite.


After the treatment you will be wrapped in a plastic sheet and placed inside the infrared sauna blanket for 30 minutes.  Before we seal the blanket, a Thalaspa Slimming Wrap will be placed over your tummy or any area which is of most concern to you and then the blanket sealed. 


After the treatment you will be given a Mesoslim Injection in the area of your choice.

Before booking your appointment please watch my videos on:


1.  Diet plans

2.  How Slimming Machines Work

3.  How Slimming machines are marketed 

This is a BOOSTER slimming treatment to help you lose cm's in focussed areas that you're really battling with.

The package is designed around slimming so you it is for CM LOSS/FAT LOSS.  Weight loss will happen over a period of time.  With CM Loss you will feel and look better in your clothing.  There is no eating plan but I will give you 1 task to do each week and it differs per person.




You have 3 months from date of purchase to complete the package but best results are achieved through weekly classes.

Each session includes:

30 min ULTRASONIC CAVITATION (in 1 area of concern eg tummy OR upper front of thighs)

30 min INFRARED SAUNA BLANKET to detox and remove fat liquified by the cavitation.  You burn 600 calories in 30 min.  It takes the place of a gym workout but you can still excercise. Lipo Gel is rubbed in the area of cavitation.

2 Mesoslim injections in the area of concern broken up as 10 small injections of 20cc each,  You can also split the injections up over 2 areas but I have seen best results in ladies who do one area at a time rather than all over their body.







Most women are focussed on losing kg's and watching their weight on the scale.  It is the most popular way of determining whether you are the right size for your height.  However, it is also the most difficult way to lose fat because when you climb on the scale it includes water weight, your bones, your muscles plus all your organs in your body and then fat as well.  So sometimes you might think you are losing kg's but it could be water or you are picking up weight but it could be muscle mass or water retention.  This way of losing weight leads to the most mental health issues I have ever encountered in my life. 


The issues with watching the scale vary from crying to utter despair to wanting to give up to lying about what they eat.  Scale watching is part of a deeper mental health problem.

So at Beauty Zone I focus on Fat Loss which can be measured in various ways but I use a measuring tape.  So this shows actual fat loss and you can lose cm's before kg's.  I focus on how your clothes fit and you can drop a dress size without actually losing weight on the scale.  Weight may follow later.



The 2 programmes below are a combination of cm and kg loss and include the Lipogon eating plan