now available in MOCCA FLAVOUR

R320 for 500g

Looking for an emergency or quick reduction in an area or spot for a special event?
You can book a free consultation to come and chat to me. You need to do this at least a few weeks before the time. This is a rapid fat reduction treatment. Preferably put as much available money you have to get the maximum result. This is not permanent as the fat will go back into the area if you eat unhealthy or drink alcohol on the special occasion so it is a temporary quick fix.

I had a special offer on all my slimming packages but have decided to cancel the offer as it is attracting ladies who want to lose weight or be slimmer but have not yet come to the point of admitting they have a problem with over-eating.  When I ask them to make lifestyle changes then I am battling with the slimplest of things and nothing can work without the eating and drinking changing.  While busy with me they are still budgeting for and consuming huge amounts of bad food and drink so they work against everything and I want to work with women that want to change their lives.


My last order date from Gfrag will be 27 July, or you can order directly from them but they do charge a courier cost.