• Every person entering the salon facilities or utilizing the facilities and equipment on these premises does so entirely at their own risk and agrees that Beauty Zone, its management, Gillian Scott or therapists and/or the home owner of 42 Plettenberg Street Monte Vista, shall not be held liable or responsible, whether jointly or severally, for any loss, injury or death, damages, claim and/or compensation of whatsoever nature.
  • Such person by their entry to these premises for any reason whatsoever waives any and all claims against the aforementioned including liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and losses, including legal fees (on an indemnity basis), arising out of or in connection with the beauty treatments, weight loss injections & supplements, slimming machinges, fat freezing as indicated on our treatment price list.
  • Beauty Zone is not a medical salon and makes no claims on the therapeutic effectiveness of its services. 
  • All our website/social media is for informational purposes only and not medical advice.
  • All our services related to weight loss & slimming are not a quick fix and require you to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Please do not book treatments if you actually are not prepared to do your side, as there are people who want to come but cannot find a booking slot.  You are wasting your money and time. 
  • I am not in the business of trying to make you slim and you do nothing at home, which is out of my control - so this is not one-sided.
  • No expectations are created whereby you will be able to continue eating unhealthy and lose weight.
  • Please bring any medical conditions you may have to the attention of our staff BEFORE commencing treatments.
  • Beauty Zone is not responsible nor liable for any course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product provided
  • If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.
  • If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.
  • You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of any information or service provided by Beauty Zone.








The word etiquette as defined in Webster's Dictionary means: "Conventional code of social behaviour".

Beauty Zone has decided to specialise only in the treatment of ladies health, wellness slimming and weight loss therefore all beauty treatments & services are reserved for ladies only. 

Mesoslim is the only product that can be used by men and women. Men can only purchase Mesoslim for home use. I do not offer injections inside the salon for men.





Do not misrepresent yourself and book an appointment with me for a treatment then you are actually booking to to view my treatments and to ask questions about my treatments to use in your own business and want to use the booking as a training session.


If you decide to stock a product or machine and don't know how to use it then the distributor is responsible to train you before you use it.

 It took me 4 years to build up my business and I had to pay thousands of rands for training.


I also have ladies who buy Mesoslim and re-sell it and use it to inject on other ladies to make money.  So they start their own "unofficial business".

If you purchase from me it is for use on yourself  only. 


 If you want to use it on other people you need to contact the product owner - MESOSLIM in GEORGE WESTERN CAPE. You will need to complete forms and they will decide whether to approve you as an agent and you also get the product at the cheaper price.


As a Beauty Zone guest you are expected to:

• Arrive exactly on time especially due to covid as I do not want more than one person in the room as a time.  This also gives me time to sanatise and clean the room.

I will also advise you timeously in the event we have to re-schedule your appointment due to unforseen circumstances or if I am ill.

I am very understanding of events that can cause a late arrival as long as I am told.

However, persistent cancellations at the last minute will lead to me asking you to refrain from booking again.




Firstly, I am dependant on income from bookings and should a client not arrive I lose income as I could have booked another client.

Should you book & not arrive for your appointment (without letting me know in advance) I will not allow you to book any further treatments at Beauty Zone.

In other words, you will be blocked from booking.  There are lots of salons doing the same treatments, so this should not be too difficult to find another place.


I have ladies who will buy a package of treatments, which is never longer than 4 sessions i.e once per week.

Then they begin postponing and cancelling so it begins to become to difficult to find openings as you are given your 4 slots pre-booked.

You sign documentation when you buy the package that it is valid for 3 months.

I had a case of a client who was consistently cancelling appointments and then cancels the re-booked appointments or doesn't arrive for her appointment.  

She purchased a 4 week session in January 2020 and by the time we had lockdown March 26th 2020 she had not started.  These 4 sessions were at a reduced price and on special at that time.  I was closed for 3 months with no income & opened  June 22nd 2020 and I made numerous appeals on social media for all clients to compete packages that were purchased before lockdown.  During December 2020, almost 1 year later, she decides she now wants to book her 4 sessions so after explaining to her again that the package is valid for 3 months and now during my busiest time, when I can make up the loss of income from being closed for 3 months, she now wants to do the treatments.  So after a debate and her blaming her health, but never advising me during the year of anything about the package she now decides at year end to do it.

 I decide to give her 4 pre-booked sessions, which she must carefully pick and book online herself, with the understanding that if she cancels any she loses out on that session as I am completely booked out.  At the 3rd session she cancels again about an hour before she is due to arrive.  

I told her as per her record of discussion on whatsapp that the session falls away, to which she replies that I must cancel both.  She also booked a pedicure on the next Saturday for which she just did not arrive.

She then goes to my google business site and rates me a 1.  Now I will not tolerate this behaviour because it says something about your character. 

I depend on my own clients to bring in my income and don't get a fixed salary like she does.  This is an example of abuse and misusing my time and bookings.



 Another trend  that developed is where ladies would book treatments and then not have the full amount with them to pay.  Then they will promise to EFT and the payment never gets made.  Obviously they do realise that I will ban them from any further treatments and my prices and results speak for themselves, so they get to lose out on long term treatments just for being deceiptful once and I will never allow them back.

The second trend is ladies that start with Mesoslim or a product I stock and then request me to buy another injectable or product for them and they will pay me off.  Unbelievable but true.

Firstly, if you want another product then you must buy it and use it yourself or go to a salon that sells it and secondly I was closed for 3 months during lockdown and they think I have money to keep a product for them and they pay me off and at any time they can decide they don;t want it and I am stuck with a product that can't be used.  This lady is also banned from my salon.



Packages purchased need to be completed within 3 months of purchase (unless otherwise advised), due to:

  • prices of imported stock changing

  • no longer stocking products used in a package

  • packages include FREE treatments so you are getting it at a reduced price for that specific month. 

  • plus some ladies do not care to advise me even why they never came.  When you sign for the treatment you sign that you will complete it in 3 months otherwise DO NOT BOOK THE PACKAGE.

Prolonging treatment sessions/packages/programmes for long periods of time will not extend a result, in fact they will reduce a result compared to clients who complete a package within the recommended booking time.  

All treatments need to be done weekly or 2 x weekly to prevent fat cells from going back to their original form. 

If you have 1-3 sessions of a package over, you will not benefit by doing them later.




Memberships allow clients access to various machines and treatments for use within 30 days from date of purchase.  You will pre-book sessions and you must remember that if you cancel sessions you cannot carry them over into the next membership period.  So as you finish your 30 days another lady will start as I can only accomodate 1 lady per month as the treatments are intense.  

If you become ill or cannot continue with the package it will fall away so be aware of this BEFORE you book a membership.  It works like a gym membership.  You pay for the month even if you don't come for your excercise and there is NO EXTENSION on this package.




• Be available to meet with myself before each treatment to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, ie. pressure, sensitive areas, questions about specific treatments, etc.

• Ladies, undress as much as you feel comfortable with for your treatment (again, you may discuss any concerns with me before your treatment begins)

• I will keep your body conservatively draped and only expose each area to be worked on

• Allow me to perform each service as reserved and timed. If I do run over into your time, while busy with another client, I will rectify this.

• Relax and enjoy yourself & if you do bring children please do not leave them unattended as the salon is on private property with an open swimming pool & dogs.  The swimming pool is not fenced in from the side of my room so preferably leave children in the safety of your own home.

By entering the premises and the salon you do so at your own risk. 

Give honest feedback to the therapist/owner, as I care to know if your experiences was as expected.




By entering & booking at Beauty Zone you agree to resolve matters internally & not on social media.  If you go to social media I will also ban you from my premises.

I am a small home salon so am not dependant on a huge influx of clients and have regular clients who know the service I give them.

The complaints that do arise are due to cients trying to misuse my treatments, not bringing money with them to pay and then not making payment later as they promise or serious misuse of treatments or persistent cancellation of appointments.

Do not book with Beauty Zone if you don't want to adhere to these requirements and this includes covid 19 guidelines.

So I will ban you from the salon if you are display any bad behaviour and try to abuse my goodwill towards you and do not care that I am losing income.




We do not have cash on the premises (no change is held in the salon for safety reasons), but card facilities are available or you can EFT me before you come or after the treatment.


  • You will be advised about each treatment as well as the risks involved & are requested to honestly advise us of all factors which could affect the treatment or your health, while understanding that we are not medical practitioners.
  • No smoking inside the salon.
  • Prices & specials are subject to change without notice.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry & check that you take all personal belongings home with you.



What client behaviour would be considered bad manners? 


Lewd behavior, Inebriated, Demeaning and abusive behaviour as well as lying, manipulation, forcefulness & deceiptfulness 

Non-arrival for appointments without advising me or consistent and persistent cancelling of appointments as you wish.  Rather do not book with me.

Trying to take advantage of me and misuse my goodwill.


So please be aware of this.  

I do not want people who lie, manipulate and are deceiptful.  That is my business policy because that means I can't trust you to leave you alone in the room with my products and equipment.




When booking at Beauty Zone, you understand that there is no slimming treatment that will work without your help.  So these treatments work with you for best results.

Drinking water is very important.  Avoiding sugar & alcohol as well as eating healthy will boost all results.


You cannot continue to eat bad, drink alcohol every night etc, and think that the treatment will do the work without you changing anything in your life.  

You have to make lifestyle changes. 


If you don't want to change anything, there is not a single treatment anywhere, at any salon, that will change the results from what you eat.  Everything will be temporary changes. The only permanent solution is liposuction ie surgery.




1.   I am open Mon to Friday including Saturdays.

2.  Due to Covid the hours vary from time to time

3.  I am NOT OPEN on Sundays and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

4.  Do not phone me to on a Sunday or Public Holiday to buy injections or any other products.

5.  These days are for my family.

6.  I even have clients wanting my family to open my room to give them injections if I am not home.  My family does not know what is happening with these products and this behaviour is UNACCEPTABLE.  Ask yourself - would you tell the owner of another salon to go ride to her premises to give you injections or other products that you want.  My operating hourse are much longer than most salons so you have more than enough time to collect or to send someone to fetch injections.  In fact on most days I work more than 12 hours.

7.  When I close for the holidays I will NOT BE answering or responding to any calls for the salon.

8. My hours of operation are available on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and on my WEBSITE

You can listen to an overview of my t & C and covid - please excuse the sound of my voice & BACKGROUND NOISE.