These are all the videos I have done covering weightloss, slimming machines and various other topics.


Disclaimer:  Please note that these are for informational purposes only to give you another perspective of various treatments, marketing tactics, home care, diet and more.  This is reserved for MY clients or future clients of Beauty Zone.  It is not meant to diagnose any body, health or mental health issue but is purely based on MY experiences in the industry.







These videos are for CLIENTS of Beauty Zone



Can you change your body shape?

What you can do to help you become the shape you want to be.

The FACTS about Fat Freezing.

How does it work?

What does it do?

How long before you see results?

Who should do Fat Freezing?

Straight-Talk Videos

How do slimming salons/clinics advertise their slimming machine treatments on social media:

In this video I  discuss:


1.  How salons and clinics market slimming treatments.

2.  I discuss what you must look out for when choosing a salon to treat you.

3.  The truth about how these machines work.

4.  The rise of stacks of new slimming salons since covid.

5.  Are you looking for a quick fix?

6.  Don't watch this if you don't want to hear the truth.

This video covers THE TRUTH about slimming machine treatments and how they work:

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Radio Frequency

Vacuum RF

Laser Lipo

These 2 videos are about what to look at when you choose a slimming treatment.  It also covers my brand and how I sell slimming machines and treatments.  These are my ideas alone.  I am not affiliated to any other slimming salon in CT and these are my therapies and methods alone.

Healthy and Bad food budgeting and why you get fat and gain weight.  This is  a straight talking video

2 Possible causes of being overweight.  Could you have an eating disorder?

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Do Quck Fixes Exist?