These are all the videos I have done covering weightloss, slimming machines and various other topics.


I talk straight in these videos so it's my truth that I discuss about weight and slimming machines, why we diet, how we get fat etc.


I have decided to put them in one place on my website in case you want to look through a number of them.  Some can be found on other pages.  I may repeat some issues in videos, but it depends on the topic. 


Disclaimer:  Please note that these are for informational purposes only to give you another perspective of various treatments, marketing tactics, home care, diet and more.  This is reserved for my clients or future clients of Beauty Zone. only,  not for stalkers.  It is not meant to diagnose any body, health or mental health issue but is purely based on my on experiences in the industry.  


I also keep my videos up to date and regularly publish new things.  So watch this page as I bring you up to date videos and more things about this industry.  My youtube channel will go LIVE shortly.


MY VIDEOS are split into 3 subjects:

1.  The first is to help ladies who want to do slimming treatments so they can see if it is a suitable option for them.  Most of my videos are about this and how the machines work.

2,  The second is for the start-up salons that opened up during covid and have contacted me from all over the country  or have booked fake appointments with me for information on working from home or looking for advice.

3.  The third is about me and and what I offer my clients and how I sell my treatments.





1.  Healthy and Bad food budgeting and why you get fat and gain weight.  This is  a straight talking video

2 Possible causes of being overweight.

Can you change your body shape?


What you can do to help you become the shape you want to be.

This video covers THE TRUTH about slimming machine treatments and how they work:

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Radio Frequency

Vacuum RF

Laser Lipo

The FACTS about Fat Freezing.

How does it work?

What does it do?

How long before you see results?

Who should do Fat Freezing?

Straight-Talk Videos

How do slimming salons/clinics advertise their slimming machine treatments on social media:

In this video I  discuss:


1.  How salons and clinics market slimming treatments.

2.  I discuss what you must look out for when choosing a salon to treat you.

3.  The truth about how these machines work.

4.  The rise of stacks of new slimming salons since covid.

5.  Are you looking for a quick fix?

6.  Don't watch this if you don't want to hear the truth.

A brief overview of the difference between Mesoslim and Lipogon Mesotherapy Injections.

This is an introduction to me and what I do at Beauty Zone:  ABOUT ME


Since lockdown I have been inundated with fake bookings and people sending me messages to ask about slimming treatments and how to do them and where to buy slimming machines.


In this video I discuss the industry, as I see it, as well as combining my background in economics, marketing and sales and talk about the viability of entering the market and starting a slimming salon.  I also offer no advice for free and anyone wanting information. The video following this is ideas for you on how to market for new salons during an economic decline.

Tips when picking a slimming treatment