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Gfrag Lipolytic MIC (1 x monthly) Injection

*Boosts Leptin Levels

*Increases Basal Metabolic Rate

*Tightens and tones

*Enhances Liver Function


Gfrag Aqua Ban (30 capsules)

*Relieves bloating and puffiness due to water weight caused by hormone replacement therapy, menopause, menstruation, poor circulation, bad eating habits, poor diet etc.


Gfrag Sculpt and Cleanse (60 capsules)

*Perfect for cleansing your system and removing waste.  Prevents constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.  Important to take from the beginning of your diet to remove waste from the body.


Gfrag Hunger Buster (90 capsules)

*A natural and safe product to suppress your appetite 




R1240 Including injections

Gfrag Potent Fat Burner Injection (1 x month supply)


  • Assists with weight loss
  • Resets metabolism
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Reduces body Fat
  • Anti-Ageing

How to Use:

Administer 10cc at night, on an empty stomach, (3 hours after dinner).  You will inject 5 nights a week and 2 days off. Drink 1.5L of water per day for active ingredients to function. The Potent Fat Burner is in powder form.  You will receive sterile water to mix with the powder with full instructions.



R740 with injections

Gfrag Lipolytic MIC Injcetion (1 x month supply)


This injection is a blend of Lipolytic + MIC + amino acids.  The blend is capable of enhancing liver function, aiding in the prevention of cholesterol build up, removing debilitating toxins from your liver, firms the body and burns all over fat.



Boosts the body's sensitivity to Leptin to increase your BMR so your body can burn more fat and especially stored fat.



First week: 10 cc is taken in the morning for 5 days and 2 days off.  

Second week:  increase the dosage to 20cc

After prolonged use you can increase the dosage to 25cc per day.


Cost: R740 with injections


Gfrag Slim Bomb Injection (1 x month supply)


Decreases fat deposits by speeding up metabolism of fat and fat removal.


Before using this injection it is preferable that you had already used the Gfrag Potent Fat Burner injection or combo injection.

This injection is similar to the Potent Fat Burner, only 3 times stronger.

It will also not work at it's best if you consume any sugar during the time you use this injection. It come with 2 vials containing powder which is mixed with the sterile water in the container.


The injection is taken 5 nights, 3 hours after supper on an empty stomach followed by 2 days off.


Cost is R1140 with injections 

The dosage is 20cc per night.

Drink 1.5 litres of water to ensure activation of the ingredients.



Our Injections are made up of: Essential Amino Acids, Methionone, Choline, Inositol = MIC,L-Carnitine, LPHA.

Our injections contains NO HCG, NO B12 and NO STIMULANTS.

We recommend using the injections for at least 3-6 months depending on each individual's goal weight

Products cannot be returned & no refunds on any product.

Medical Disclaimer

You should consult your doctor/healthcare practitioner before beginning any nutrition or exercise program. If you are on medication your doctor can help you determine if these products are right for you. The information and products available on our Webpage, Facebook Pages are not considered as medical advice, nor are they substitutes for professional advice, diagnosis, cure, prevention or treatment of any disease or condition whatsoever. Purchasing from a recognized Gfrag® Lifestyle & wellness Coach or Salon automatically means you have read, understand & agree to these terms and conditions.

There are no side effects with these injections and you can take them with any health condition (unless otherwise advised by your doctor) excluding epilepsy or if your'e pregnant, breastfeeding or are undergoing cancer treatment.


The clients in this gallery have used injections combined with various supplements. Supplements can be used on their own with the Gfrag eating plan but take longer as injections are done directly into tummy fat. You also need to persist and take them everyday.

These injections work together with the client following a healthy lifestyle and eating correctly.

 With the injection combo's you receive an eating plan which is very easy to follow.

They therefore boost weight loss, suppress appetite and more.

Beauty Zone is an approved Gfrag SA weight loss salon & accredited by them.

We are also the 2018 winner of the top weight loss salon in South Africa.

The clients in the pictures are from Beauty Zone & the rest from other salons.

Gfrag's facebook page is Gfrag SA Weight Loss & Wellness


Gfrag Weight Loss Shot (1 x month supply)


This injection is a fat transporter, fat mobiliser, reduces body fat, suppresses appetite, minimises viceral fat (tummy fat), lowers cholesterol & fatty deposits in the liver, prevents hyperthyroidism.


The injection can be taken as a once off shot when you have reached a plateau while on one of the other injections.

Cost of one injection is R100 for in-salon use and lasts for a week. It can be used as a booster with any of the other injections. (when you plateau)

It is also used together with fat freezing, cavitation, laser lipo and slimming wraps due to its ability to transport fat out of the body when they are removed by the machine treatments. 

You can purchase the injection and take it twice a week at the same time. e.g 25cc at 10am on Sunday and 25cc at 10am on Thursday.


Cost is R700 (excluding needles)

You need about 10 needles (extra R25)


MesoSlim is a finely crafted blend of the highest quality, medicinal grade plant extracts in various forms sourced locally and imported from Germany. MesoSlim is 100% natural and contains ONLY the following ingredients: Minerals, Phyto-Extracts, Enzyme Catalysts and Saline Solution as a Base. 

It DOES NOT contain: PPC (Phosphatidal Choline), DC (Sodium De-Oxycholate), Hormones, 
Chemicals, Stimulants, Surfactants, Pentoxifylline, Lidocaine, Aminophylline, Calcitonin or Isoproterenol.


MesoSlim loves the stuff that we all hate... FAT. It quickly breaks down the fatty deposits that so love the hips, tummy and thighs ...(and actually everywhere you don't want it :) It does this very, very well and very, very fast. As a bonus it also removes the entire fat cell, completely and permanently! Yes, you read correctly, this stuff makes those die-hard nasty little fat cells disappear! MesoSlim will also eliminate cellulite and firm up loose skin as the fat melts away.

You can use MesoSlim on ANY part of your body where you want to eliminate fat cells... bum, arms, legs, love-handles etc.


Is mesoslim safe?

Yes, it is a 100% safe

Does not contain any chemicals

Is a homeopathic cocktail developed to dissolve fat cells around the body

Anyone can use it – except for pregnant women, if you are being treated for cancer, breastfeeding, under 18 years of age, allergic to bees.

If you have any chronic ailments that you are concerned about then you must first see your doctor before commencing with these injections.



Are there any side effects?

No side effects

No excessive swelling

No allergies

No soya or nuts allergies

No nausea or headaches


What could I experience?

Slight bruising on injection site

Slight burning sensation for 2-5minutes

Slight tenderness for 4-6 hours on area

Sweating caused by toxins in the lymph glands


What areas can be treated?

Upper abdomen

Lower abdomen


Love handles


Inner thighs

Outer thighs



Back (upper and lower)






Who is eligible for treatment?

People who would like to get rid of small to large pockets of fat around their body

People who do not want to do surgery for the excess fat areas


Effects of Mesoslim

  • Destroys entire fat cell with its contents
  • Totally eliminates lipolytic nodules from level 1 to level 4 cellulite
  • Excretes all wastes and harmful products
  • Increases intradermal micro circulation in all layers
  • Repairs connective tissue layers preventing future development of adipocytes (fat cells)
  • Controls and eliminates pain associated with sclerotic fat deposits as
  • It contains a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent
  • Destroys 50000 fat cells every 10 injections
  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • Results in cm loss
  • Results in improvement of skin texture
  • Results in improvement of cellulite

During treatment:

No sugar

No alcohol

No anti-inflammatories or pain killers.
We recommend though that you start with 4ml 1-2 x per week to monitor your excretion comfort level. 
Please keep in mind that even though MesoSlim is 100% natural and not scheduled it must be administered by a Registered Health Professional.




Mesoslim Slimming Pack R830

Mesoslim vial only R700
10ml vial Mesoslim

4 Injection Needles

50ml Slimming & Detox Drops

80 g Gut Refresh


to order: contact us





R1000 for 1 x month supply

This is the most popular injection

This injection is mixed into 1 needle and used 5 nights a week, 3 hours after supper

FREE lifestyle booklet

FREE injection needles if you collect from Monte Vista

FREE - preparation of the injections - ready to use

FREE - 4 x weekly weigh-in's at Beauty Zone

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