1  or 3 DAY DETOX

1-day detox diet plan for weight loss: Morning to night routine to cleanse your body and mind


As seasons change, or you go through times where you eat bad food, it may be the best time to detox. According to experts, the time of changing seasons is the best to change your habits, clean your body and get in the right routine.


You must pick a day or three days where  you are able to eat clean, have no functions or birthdays and are able to relax and allow the cleansing to improve your body, mind and soul. 


The detox has a very clean eating plan for the day.  You must also try to avoid all social media as part of the cleansing process.

I will send you the plan but you are also welcome to do your own juice detox if you wish and avoid food altogether.  So the food and juicing you will arrange from your side but at the start of the detox you will come to me for any one of the following treatments:


1 Day Detox cost of treatment R350 (1 session in the morning on the day of the detox)

3 Day Detox cost of treatment R600 (1 session in the morning on the day of the detox and the 2nd session at the end of the 3 days)



20 min Ozone Steam Sauna Tent Therapy


40 min G5 Sub Dermal Massage Machine treatment with Lilian Terry Detoxification body wrap and Lymphatic Drainage Oils  (from upper thighs back and front, including buttocks and tummy area).  You will leave the detox wrap and oils on you overnight.



60 min Thalaspa Detox Body Pack wrap made from Seaweed painted from upper thighs to tummy area.

You are wrapped inside a plastic sheeting and placed in the Infrared Sauna Blanket with the body wrap for 30 min. The Thalaspa wrap is removed with Bolneo Salts from the sea and you soothing solution put on the area.



Belle Full Body 60 min Detox and Cleansing treatment:

1.  Full Body Exfoliation and Scrub with steam

2.  Detoxification Clay masque painted on the body.

3.  Full Body Massage with deep moisturiser to cleanse and revitalise the skin 


You will receive:

1.  The Lipogon Body Shape Metabolism Eating Plan 

2.  1 x bottle Lipogon Fat Burner Capsules (60)

3.  1 x Lipogon FX Injection plus boost and expel injection in the tummy area.

4.  1 x 30 min weekly sessions of Infrared Sauna Blanket Therapy 

5.  Weekly weigh in and measure.


This package is suitable for a lady up to a size 38.  You can also choose to remove the injection and reduce your cost by R450 and focus only on kg loss.  This package would suit any lady who is on her way to losing weight and wants a month programme to boost the weight loss.  If you are already following a good eating plan you can continue with it.


The 7 days will focus on kg weight loss.

It is suitable for any lady who wants to lose weight as quick as possible for a special ocassion.


2 x Gfrag Weight Loss Shots

7 day Slim Down Capsules

Eating Plan (if you don't have one)

No alcohol or sugar allowed for the week.


The Weight Loss shot is done on the first day and the fifth day of the 7 days.  The 7 capsules are taken once per day.


Total cost of the package is R475.